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GPS Dairy Consulting holding its 2013 Dairy Leaders Forum
GPS Dairy Consulting held its 2013 Dairy Leaders Forum — Dairy Efficiency & Cost Analysis:

GPS Dairy Leaders Forum SpeakerThe Issues in Black & White at The Grand Harbor Resort and Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, IA on November 20-21, 2013. We had a great line-up of speakers and topics, with dairy clients from at least 7 states and several international dairies from Italy and Australia in attendance. This intensive, highly interactive meeting allowed dairy owners to network, collaborate and discuss how to squeeze more profits from their dairy operations by learning to think like a CEO, manage feed costs in better ways and get the most out of their heifer raising operations. If you missed the Forum or would like to review the presentations see the links below.

2013 Hall Protein CHO 4 State 061213
Bethard GPS Leaders Forum Oct 2013 P&L.pdf
Barmore GPS Forum Calf & Heifer 2013.pdf
Barmore GPS Forum Calf & Heifer 2013.pdf
2013 Hall Protein CHO 4 State 061213
Bewley GPS Precision Dairy.pdf
2013 Hall Protein CHO 4 State 061213
Greenwood GPS meeting2.pdf
2013 Hall Protein CHO 4 State 061213
Hoffman GPS-2013.pdf
2013 Hall Protein CHO 4 State 061213
Kurtz GPS Leaders Forum Presentation Final Nov 2013 (3).pdf
2013 Hall Protein CHO 4 State 061213
Undersander GPS Making quality forage.pdf

2013 GPS Herd Managers Peer Group

2013 GPS Herd Managers Peer Groups

Two Herd Manager Peer group Meetings were held December 6-7, 2013 at Wisconsin Dells, WI and Sioux Falls, SD. This was an opportunity for Herd Managers and their families to gather for an informal exchange of ideas and best practices.


Experience Delivering Success®


Experience only brings value when it is shared. The nutritionists that make up GPS Dairy Consulting are proven leaders in their respective areas with vast experience and a solid reputation for delivering quality service and positive results to their clients. At GPS Dairy Consulting we share our experience with each other as colleagues; we share our experience as coaches and mentors for each other; and, we share our experience with our clients, their managers and their employees. Building upon the experiences of all of us we are able to bring the power of the entire GPS Dairy Consulting team to every dairy we work with.


In order to deliver anything you must first take personal ownership. GPS Dairy Consultants don't simply hand off the many challenges that come up on a dairy operation; we get involved. At GPS Dairy Consulting we take ownership and responsibility to deliver results to ourselves, our peers and especially to our customers.


Success must be sustained and built upon. We will not be satisfied by delivering a single success. At GPS Dairy Consulting our consultants create value by delivering results. We capture the momentum of those results to create success and we build upon each individual success to create sustained success.




Independent Dairy Consulting

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is a professional team of dairy nutrition consultants servicing dairies throughout the midwest and beyond. We are leaders in the industry, working with some of the most influential dairy herds in the country. Although we are united under GPS Dairy Consulting,LLC we are each independent nutrition consultants working directly for our dairy producer clientele. Read more...


Sarah Daugherty, Msc, PASFeatured GPS Consultant

Sarah Daugherty, Msc, PAS
As owner of Daugherty Consulting, LLC Sarah provides independent nutritional consultation and has a particular interest in improving milk production, milk components, reproductive status and metabolic disease by addressing first the health of the animal through nutrition, and second the specific facility challenges and/or management styles of the operation. She strives to understand the goals of an operation and then develops a practical plan to achieve them as quickly as possible. Sarah recently authored an article in the July 21, 2013 issue of Progressive Dairyman entitled Getting Started: Forage yield vs. forage usage. Follow this link to read the entire article.


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